Laura Bare | 2023 CDI Board Member

Member Spotlight: Laura Bare

We periodically feature our members (Fellows) so that you can learn more about them, Collaborative divorce, and our organization.

Name: Laura Bare
Profession: CFP, CDFA
Title: Financial Neutral

What do you find rewarding about practicing Collaborative Divorce?
I enjoy watching clients move from a place of confusion and fear to optimism about the future. Divorce is incredibly disruptive for everyone involved. The more I can do to help educate clients about their options and the likely outcome of the decisions they make, the better they feel about the process and their future.

When you are not hard at work practicing in the Collaborative world what do you do for fun?
I am an avid cyclist. I ride around 100 miles per week whether indoors or out. I also love to create art. Most of my art supplies come from building supply stores.

How does the Collaborative Process address clients’ financial issues?
A divorce gives clients the opportunity to restart their financial lives. Some clients are financially astute and know how they would like to see things set up. Other clients do not understand finances in general, let alone their own finances. The Collaborative Process allows each party access to an unbiased financial professional who can get each party up to speed on budgeting, asset division, and projections of their finances post-divorce. This financial professional cannot work with either party after the divorce, so the advice is not tainted with a sales pitch.

What makes Collaborative Divorce a better choice than litigation?
There are so many reasons to choose Collaborative Divorce. The process is private. You are in control of the decisions you are making – not the judge or the attorneys. You learn how to communicate with your ex-spouse which is crucial if you have children together. The process takes less of an emotional toll on you and everyone around you because you are working towards a solution – not fighting over everything.

Why are you a member of Collaborative Divorce Illinois?
The professionals in this organization work hard to create a supportive environment focused on positive client outcomes. There is great continuing education available. I genuinely enjoy working with and associating myself with the community.

Laura Bare

205 N Michigan Ave #810

Chicago, IL 60601

(773) 412-3129

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