Collaborative Divorce Testimonials

Read collaborative divorce testimonials from our clients.

We chose the collaborative approach because we wanted a respectful process. We were active participants in the final settlement as opposed to having a judge decide the outcome.

—Collaborative Law Client

What is so impressive with the Collaborative Process compared to the traditional litigation divorce process, is that the collaborative professionals are NOT just “out” for their client or themselves – each and every one of the collaborative professionals (attorneys, child specialist, financial specialist, and coach) really want to accomplish a fair and reasonable compromise so that both parties are satisfied with the end result, in a fairly short time period.

—Peter P., DuPage County, Illinois

The collaborative divorce process was the best solution for my former spouse and me. We were able to get through the emotional crisis of divorce in a relatively short time – to the benefit of everyone involved — especially our son.

—Susan M., McHenry County, Illinois

Read collaborative divorce testimonials from our professionals.

Trained collaborative professionals form a great team. Our approach provides so many more options to support divorcing families.

—Collaborative Attorney

Collaborative law treats a family in divorce as a family having a series of issues to be resolved instead of a destructive war to be fought.

—Collaborative Attorney

Our members are both trained and enthusiastic about the collaborative law approach. We help people work through intense emotions, move the clients toward resolution, and suggest creative ways to address everyone’s needs.

—Collaborative Attorney

Successful collaborative practice depends on relationship building with other collaborative professionals and continued skills development. Collaborative Divorce Illinois affords me many opportunities to do both. This in turn has allowed me to rapidly grow this newest area of my law practice. Thank you CDI!

—Collaborative Attorney

To belong to CDI is to be a part of changing for the better how our society views divorce and the restructure of the families it affects. This organization puts into practice what I have envisioned since deciding to attend law school, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Collaborative Law offers a great potential for creative problem-solving. Only Collaborative Law puts everyone in the same room pulling in the same direction to solve the same list of problems.

—Collaborative Attorney
Collaborative Divorce Testimonials | Collaborative Divorce Illinois | CDI
Collaborative Divorce Testimonials | Collaborative Divorce Illinois | CDI

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Collaborative Divorce Testimonials | Collaborative Divorce Illinois | CDI
Collaborative Divorce Testimonials | Collaborative Divorce Illinois | CDI

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