Volunteering to participate as a Committee Member is a great way to meet, and develop relationships with, other members as well as assist CDI in carrying out the goals and mission of the organization. If you’re interested in volunteering for any of these, please contact the CDI Administrator ( 312-882-8000).

Marketing Committee
Purpose: Increase public awareness of collaborative process and to promote CDI members as the gold standard in providers of this process; work PR/Marketing firm to strategize how best to achieve our goals through social media, the CDI web site, blogs, articles, media interviews, educational forums, event sponsorships, and advertising.
Meeting Day/Time: First Friday of the month, 12:30 p.m., by conference call.
Co-Chairs: Tania Harvey ( / 312-803-5845) ; Patrick Markey ( / 312-223-1763)

Membership Committee
Purpose: Review new member applications, review member benefits, and recommend changes to membership criteria to the Board to maintain standards, while retaining active Fellows.
Meeting Day/Time: Second Tuesday of the month, 11:00 a.m., by conference call.
Chairs: Jill Daniels ( 630-269-9203)

Modest Means Committee
Purpose: Promote pro bono and low bono services to a population that could not otherwise access the Collaborative process.
Meeting Day/Time: Conference calls held on an as needed basis.
Chair: David Louis ( / 773-633-0256)

Social Committee
Purpose: Explore opportunities and plan social activities to increase Fellows’ engagement and involvement in the organization. This is a great way to become more involved with CDI, and to encourage others to do the same.
Meeting Day/Time: Conference calls held on an as needed basis.
Co-Chairs: Open positions. Contact Holly if you are interested in volunteering.

Training & Education Committee
Purpose: Offer Collaborative Basic Skills Training to spark interest in Collaborative Divorce among appropriate professionals to encourage membership in the organization, while ensuring that they have the best training possible to practice in our collaborative community; and offer Fellows Collaborative Skills Trainings (FCST) to develop our collaborative skills to better serve our clients.
Meeting Day/Time: Conference calls and in-person meetings held on an as needed basis.
Co-Chairs: Eva Kogut ( 773-710-8435); Jessica Malmquist ( 847-382-3995)