Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

What Can Collaborative Divorce Do That Litigation Can’t?

Traditional litigation can be time consuming, expensive and ugly. However, there are many benefits of collaborative divorce that you should consider.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce:

  • Allows you to control the pace at which your divorce proceeds;
  • Will provide you with legal, financial, and emotional support to help you get through all of the various aspects of your divorce;
  • Can reduce the stress and animosity that so often accompany divorce;
  • Promotes effective communication between you and your spouse both during and after your divorce;
  • Allows you to retain decision-making control over your family and your divorce. You and your spouse, not a judge, will decide your fate;
  • Focuses on meeting everyone’s needs rather than creating a “winner” and a “loser;”
  • Can help you establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with your spouse;
  • Is future-focused. Instead of wasting money in litigation arguing about the past, you will be focused on creating solutions that will work for you and your family in the future;
  • Will protect your privacy rather than revealing intimate details of your life in the public record;
  • Can improve the odds that you and your spouse will stay out of court in the future.  You are more likely to keep the agreements you make when you and your spouse actively participated in negotiating them;
  • Will help you to end your marriage and transition into a new life in a civil and respectful manner.

Who Should Consider Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a respectful alternative to fighting in court. But it’s not for everyone.

To figure out whether Collaborative Divorce might be right for you, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to divorce amicably? Does my spouse want the same?
  • Am I willing to freely provide financial and other information to my spouse and the Collaborative Divorce Team?
  • Is my spouse willing to freely provide financial and other information to my spouse and the Collaborative Divorce Team?
  • Am I willing to voluntarily abide by whatever agreements I make? Is my spouse willing to do the same?
  • Could my spouse and I use help in developing a peaceful and effective co-parenting relationship after our divorce?
  • Could I or my spouse use extra support from a financial professional in my divorce?
  • Is it important for me to be able to control the timing of my divorce?
  •  Do my spouse and I care about my privacy and keeping the details of my divorce out of the public record?
  • Do my spouse and I own a family business, have a high net worth, or a complex financial situation?
  • Am I willing to put aside my need to be “right” or to make my spouse suffer so that I can reach an agreement that meets both of our needs?

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