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Trying to divorce during COVID-19: How do you live with someone you no longer want to spend your life with?

By Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum Maybe you have been thinking about getting divorced, or have already made the decision to divorce right before the pandemic hit. Maybe your divorce is already in the works, but everything has been put on hold. If you were the one who initiated the divorce, your level of frustration or anxiety […]

You Are Not Alone

By Brenda Bridges, CDFA Sheltering in place can lead to feeling pretty alone and isolated. That sense of being alone and separate can also happen during the divorce process, layering on to what is already an emotional process, and it can be a scary time. Working with a Collaborative Divorce team, our clients get help […]

The Modest Means Program: Making Collaborative Divorce Services Affordable

The CLII Modest Means Program By David Louis The Collaborative Divorce Process offers a unique opportunity for spouses to divorce in a more supported and productive way. In Collaborative Divorce a team of trained and compassionate professionals works together to help divorcing spouses end their marriage in a respectful and dignified way. Doing that not […]

Healthy Divorce: How Collaborative Divorce May Be The Healthiest Way To Divorce

By Margaret Zuleger, JD Nobody can say divorce is good for your health, but Collaborative Divorce may be the healthiest way to go through a divorce. Scientific research confirms that stress is bad for our health. Stress raises your cortisol levels, and elevated cortisol levels create inflammation which is known to be the cause of […]

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

By Miriam Cooper, JD What if there was a way to go through a divorce that was calm, efficient and expedient? Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not. Illinois recently legally recognized a long-practiced type of divorce called Collaborative Divorce. What is Collaborative Divorce? As of January 1, 2018, there is a […]