Modest Means Collaborative Divorce Program

This program provides Collaborative divorce services at a significantly reduced fee to those who qualify on the basis of income. Services are provided by attorneys, divorce coaches and financial neutrals who are CLII Fellows and have volunteered to participate in the program.

How to Apply
Modest Means Collaborative Divorce services are provided at a reduced fee, and are therefore contingent, in part, on your income.

Participation in this program requires a complete financial disclosure, and a written agreement of all parties to follow the rules of the collaborative process. The income levels listed below are a guideline and are not the sole determining factor for acceptance into the program.

If your family’s total annual income does not exceed the amount listed below, based on the number of people in your family, services may be provided at a minimum or reduced fee, provided you comply with all the rules of the program and adhere to the process outlined by the Collaborative Divorce professional team:

Family Size Maximum Income for Minimum Fee Services Maximum Income for Reduced Fee Services
2 people $32,920 $65,840
3 people $41,560 $83,120
4 people $50,200 $100,400
5 people $58,840 $117,680
6 people $67,480 $134,960
7 people $76,120 $152,240

You may begin the application process online and will receive an acknowledgement of your application. You will be required to submit additional financial information after your application has been reviewed for eligibility:

1. Both spouses must complete and submit your own Application and Certification:

2. One of you must complete and submit the brief online Preliminary Financial Summary statement:

3. You will be contacted by email or phone by the Modest Means coordinator to set up the next steps in the application process.

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