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Collaborative Divorce Illinois welcomes Illinois divorce professionals who share our values and are dedicated to promoting Collaborative Practice in Illinois. CDI members are committed to advancing Collaborative Practice as a dispute resolution process in Illinois. For further details click here to view the membership requirements. What are the benefits of joining CDI?


CDI Members (who are referred to as “Fellows”)

  • Hold a commitment to the principles and guidelines of the Collaborative Process.
  • Agree to maintain the ethical standards of CDI. (These standards are based on those of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals).
  • Maintain professional credentials and be a member in good standing of your profession. (Attorney, Mental Health or Financial Professional).
  • Maintain current professional liability/malpractice insurance coverage.
  • Complete a two-day Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training course and additional related skills training (please see our application for details).
  • Agree to continue your development as a Collaborative Professional with annual continuing education (FCST – Fellows Collaborative Skills Training). The requirement is: To renew in the first calendar year following the year in which a member is approved, the member must provide at the time of renewal, proof of the completion of a minimum of five (5) hours of FCST; FCST credits may include International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) programs.
  • If an attorney from another state meets our requirements to become a CDI Fellow, they may be approved as a Fellow and listed on the CDI web site with a notation of the states in which they are licensed to practice.
  • Pay a annual membership renewal fee.

Membership Applications:

New Fellow Application 2024

Current Fellow Renewal Form 2024

Child Specialist Application

Affiliate Application

CDI Affiliates

To help potential business partners become closer to our Fellows, CDI offers an Affiliate program. Whether your business involves helping divorce professionals (software, QDRO drafting, business valuations, etc.) or assisting divorcing or recently divorced clients (real estate agent, financial planner, mortgage broker, etc.) CDI Fellows represent a great potential source of business or referrals. And Fellows benefit from the knowledge, services and perspective that you can bring to them.

Not sure about joining CDI?

You do not have to be a member to attend some of our events. Attending a meeting is the best way to decide if our organization is right for you. CLICK HERE for a calendar of events.

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To belong to CDI is to be a part of changing for the better how our society views divorce and the restructure of the families it affects. This organization puts into practice what I have envisioned since deciding to attend law school, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Collaborative Law offers a great potential for creative problem-solving. Only Collaborative Law puts everyone in the same room pulling in the same direction to solve the same list of problems.

—Collaborative Attorney