About Collaborative Divorce Illinois

Who We Are

We are in an interdisciplinary group of divorce professionals dedicated to helping Illinois families divorce with dignity and respect.  We use and promote the Collaborative Process as an alternative to litigated divorce.

Our Mission

“To advance Collaborative Practice as a conflict resolution option in Illinois.”

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Efficiency
  • Innovative
  • Professional Excellence
  • Client-Centered

Our Members

Our members are Illinois Collaborative Divorce Attorneys, Divorce Coaches, Child Specialists, and Certified Financial Advisors who believe in Collaborative Practice.

CDI Members are committed to the highest standard of professional excellence.

All of our members are specially trained in Collaborative Practice and mediation. They are all also licensed in their area of professional expertise.


Being a part of CDI has boosted my Collaborative Divorce Practice immensely. Not only do I have a convenient way of getting the training and education that I need, but I also have built many amazing relationships with my colleagues.  You can’t practice Collaborative Divorce alone!

– Collaborative Attorney

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Collaborative Law Principles and Guidelines

All members of Collaborative Divorce Illinois are committed to upholding the Collaborative Law Principles and Guidelines. These include, among other things, a commitment to:

  • Resolve all issues out of court;
  • Participate in the Collaborative Process with integrity and respect;
  • Promote the full and voluntary disclosure of information;
  • Retain only neutral experts to the greatest extent possible;
  • Maintain the privacy and dignity of everyone involved in the Collaborative Process;
  • Encourage good faith negotiation by everyone;
  • Promote the resolution of disputes in a way that honors the best interest of the children;
  • Disqualify all professionals in any case in which the parties resort to litigation.

Why Choose a Collaborative Divorce Illinois Professional

“Being collaborative” is NOT the same as being a Collaborative Divorce Professional.

While many divorce professionals today claim to “be collaborative,” unless they have been specially trained in the Collaborative Divorce Process, they may not have the skills, experience, or expertise in Collaborative Practice that you need in order to help you resolve your divorce using the Collaborative Process.

CDI divorce professionals are client-centered and dedicated to maintaining professional excellence. They are highly qualified and committed to the ethical practice of the Collaborative Process.

In addition to being licensed professionals in their respective professions, all CDI Members are also specially trained in Collaborative Practice. What’s more, every member of CDI is required to complete mandatory continuing education in Collaborative Practice.

In addition to their basic training in Collaborative Practice CDI members have all also completed an additional 40 hours of training in mediation or communication and conflict resolution.