Member Spotlight: Jennifer Fletchall

We periodically feature our members (Fellows) to help you learn more about them, Collaborative divorce and our organization.

Jennifer Fletchall

Profession:  Attorney/CPA

Title:  Attorney/Financial Neutral

Where do you practice Collaborative Divorce?

I practice in Cook, DuPage, Lake and Will counties.

What drew you to become a Collaborative Divorce professional?

This was a very personal choice for me. My parents divorced when I was in college and 25 years later still cannot be in the same room together. After litigating family law cases for 20 years, I completely understand why.  Although it may look very different, divorced parties are still a family after they are no longer legally married; especially if the parties have children, no matter how old their children are. Collaborative Divorce helps the parties frame what their new family will look like and how it will operate moving forward in a way that works best for their family.

What should clients know about you as a Collaborative Divorce professional?

I work as both an attorney and a financial neutral in Collaborative Divorce cases (not in the same case of course). However, I believe that working as a financial neutral in Collaborative Divorce cases helps me when I am the attorney in a case.  I will always advise my clients of the pros and cons of each decision they will make and ensure they understand and are comfortable with the information presented so that they can make the best decision for them and their family.

When you are not hard at work practicing in the Collaborative world what do you do for fun?

My husband and I have a very active 4-year-old daughter. She keeps us on our toes!  We have also just added a new puppy to our family.  We enjoy swimming and hikes, the park, music/arts and crafts classes and attending football and baseball games.

What difference does it make if my Collaborative Divorce professionals are members of Collaborative Divorce Illinois?

It is important to me that members of the team are Collaborative Divorce Illinois professionals because then I know that they are the best of the best. I know they have been trained.  I know they continue to be trained.  I know they truly believe in the Collaborative Process and its positive impact on divorcing couples.