Laura Baldwin
Phone: (847) 772-7913
Address:650 E Diehl Rd Ste 115
Naperville, Illinois 60563

Laura Baldwin


I bring a unique blend of legal expertise and emotional intelligence to my practice. I am deeply interested in people and their stories, understanding that each individual experiences relationships and divorce in a profoundly personal way. There is no “one size fits all” approach to divorce.  By comprehensively understanding each client’s goals and concerns, I can assist the client in determining which divorce process is right for them from the onset.  This approach not only ensures a more effective legal representation but also helps my clients navigate the complexities of divorce with greater clarity and confidence.  I thrive on effective communication and provide empathetic understanding, ensuring that my clients feel heard and supported as they transition to the next phase of their lives with confidence and peace of mind.
I pursued my undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I honed a unique skill set that blends empathy and effective communication strategies with strategic insight. After a year of working in a large defense litigation firm in Chicago, I began law school, where I discovered my calling in family law—a field where my understanding of people, communication skills, and legal acumen could make a tangible difference.
I am a Partner and the Attorney Director at STG Divorce Law.  I am a fellow of Collaborative Divorce Illinois and a trained mediator, focusing much of my practice on alternative dispute resolution methods. I am recognized as an Illinois Emerging Lawyer by Leading Lawyers and an Illinois Rising Star by Super Lawyers for over eight consecutive years.
Through the years I spent litigating combined with my experience in alternative dispute resolution processes, I tailor strategies that honor each client’s unique circumstances making all efforts to remain out of court, in a solutions-focused private setting, whether is be divorce, custody, or post-divorce modifications. My approach is rooted in compassion and strategic thinking, ensuring every client receives a personalized path forward that preserves dignity and fosters a positive transition to the next chapter of their lives.
Beyond the practice of law (and the business of raising two young children), I enjoy pickleball and tennis, exploring new culinary delights, and traveling. I invite you to reach out today—let’s begin a conversation about how I can bring clarity during your life transition.