Collaborative Professionals

Our organization has the top Collaborative Divorce Professionals in Illinois

While many divorce lawyers, divorce financial planners, mental health practitioners, divorce coaches, and child specialists call themselves “collaborative,” most have not met the rigorous requirements to become a CDI Collaborative Divorce Professional.

CDI Professionals are a community of specially trained Illinois divorce attorneys, divorce coaches, child specialists, and divorce financial advisers. They are dedicated to helping you use the Collaborative Divorce Process to get divorced in a more respectful, healthy and civilized way.

All of our Collaborative Divorce Professionals regularly participate in ongoing continuing education about Collaborative Divorce and conflict resolution. They are constantly learning and growing so that they can expand their ability to help divorcing couples end their marriage without having to fight in court.

In addition to knowing the Collaborative Divorce Process, CDI Professionals are all also trained mediators. They understand conflict resolution. They know how to help you break through your arguments and create workable solutions that both you and your spouse can accept.

CDI Professionals are committed to our Principles and Guidelines. They are also committed to maintaining high ethical standards. They are constantly striving for excellence in their professions, so that they can help you achieve peace in your divorce.

Unlike some other divorce professionals, our Collaborative Divorce Professionals will sign an agreement, in writing, that if you go to court, they will withdraw from your case. They are truly dedicated to helping you resolve your issues yourselves, without judicial intervention. They want to help you get through this difficult life transition privately and respectfully, with as little damage to you, your spouse and your children as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about how collaborative divorce works, or need to find a collaborative divorce professional near you, feel free to contact us. Or, you can reach out to any CDI Professional.

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