Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions about Illinois Collaborative Divorce

Many people have questions about using the Collaborative Process in their divorce. The following questions are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have questions about how the Collaborative Process might work in your case, reach out to any of our members.

Does a Collaborative Divorce cost less than a traditional divorce or mediation?

How long does a Collaborative Divorce take from beginning to end?

How do I get my partner to agree to the Collaborative Divorce process?

How does this divorce process focus on the future?

Why can’t the two of us just sit down and work out our divorce?

My spouse and I are planning to get a divorce without lawyers because we believe the lawyers will turn it into a battle. Why would we want a Collaborative Divorce?

What if my spouse chooses a divorce lawyer who isn’t a member of Collaborative Divorce Illinois?

My spouse has already filed papers with the Court. Can we still choose the Collaborative Process to get our divorce?

I am convinced a Collaborative Divorce is right for me, but I don’t believe my spouse would be a good participant. Can we still have a Collaborative Divorce?

How are different opinions of the value of an asset resolved in the divorce?

Why do our Collaborative Divorce Professionals have to withdraw if we can’t reach an agreement in our divorce?

What is the difference between a Collaborative Divorce and mediation?

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