Selling a Home During a Divorce? How a Divorce Realtor Expert Can Help

By Kathryn Hoffman, CDRE and CDI Affiliate

Selling a home as part of a divorce is often the most significant asset that needs to be divided and often has the most emotion attached to the process.

Often, one of the first fears is about how you can keep the house, or would you be able to move and perhaps purchase elsewhere. Don’t guess! Utilize a divorce realtor expert (Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert, or CDRE) who can provide information, insight and resources to help you make an educated decision.

As a crossover between real estate and family law, a CDRE handles the sale of real property in divorce cases as a neutral third party expert. From the client’s perspective, along with attorneys on both sides, a divorcing couple can count on a CDRE to help resolve issues that arise in selling the marital home. Being informed and knowing what to expect throughout the home selling or buying process during a divorce will reduce the strain associated with the process.

Navigating these difficult times can be made easier when an agent is trained in spotting issues ahead of time and communicating to all pertinent parties equally and without bias. By way of comparison to the legal profession, there is a large difference between non-accredited realtors and trained realtor divorce professionals as there is between a Collaborative divorce professional who has been Collaboratively-trained and one who has not.

If you want the best possible outcome from your current situation, it’s worth considering hiring an expert who understands the process. You have questions about the current real estate market, and CDREs study the market every day. Consider utilizing these experts as part of your Collaborative divorce team.

Kathryn Hoffman

Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

Century 21 Affiliated