Member Spotlight: Tanya Witt

We periodically feature our members (known as Fellows) so that you can learn more about them, Collaborative divorce, and our organization.

Name: Tanya Witt

Profession: Attorney

Title: Founding Attorney/Collaborative Fellow/Mediator, The Witt Law Firm, P.C.

Where do you practice Collaborative Divorce?

I accept collaborative divorce clients throughout Illinois. I am very comfortable leveraging technology, such as video conferencing, which allows me to help people through the divorce process without meeting in person. I also meet in person for clients who want to do so.

What drew you to become a Collaborative Divorce Professional?

The desire to offer my clients options in the way they want to divorce is the reason I became collaboratively trained. I practice Illinois family law in a way that focuses on tailoring legal services to each individual client. For some people, a traditional divorce through the court system is the best option. But for others, the collaborative process allows them to divorce in a more amicable fashion and with a more flexible timeframe. The collaborative process can be particularly useful to parties who will be co-parenting after the divorce and, thus, want to maintain a civil, respectful relationship through the process.

Tell us something interesting about you.

At 16 years old, I entered Ivy League college at the University of Pennsylvania and entered Harvard Law School at age 20. I have visited every state in the country except Alaska but there is no place I would rather practice than in Illinois. I began practicing law in Illinois in 1997.

What should clients know about you as a Collaborative Divorce professional?

Since graduating from Harvard Law School in 1994, I have almost 30 years of experience successfully helping clients resolve legal disputes and reach their legal goals. I empower my clients by educating them about the law, their legal rights and the various options available to them. Since divorce and parenting disputes are stressful for clients, I promptly reply to client calls and emails and provide compassionate, level-headed guidance and solutions.

When you are not hard at work practicing in the Collaborative world what do you do for fun?

My husband and I enjoy exploring parks and neighborhoods with our dogs. I also run, hike, and enjoy

Tanya Witt

The Witt Law Firm, P.C.