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Member Spotlight: Rachel Moore

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Name: Rachel Moore
Profession: Attorney and Mediator
Title: Rachel Moore Law, LLC

Where do you practice Collaborative Divorce?
I live in Skokie and practice in Cook and Lake counties. These days I am everywhere over Zoom. I have found that Zoom has been the silver lining of the past couple years. It allows participants and professionals from all over to come together without the travel time or headache of commuting in traffic. It allows my clients to be in their own comfortable setting during group discussions and to still meet with me privately as needed in a breakout room.

What do you find rewarding about practicing Collaborative Divorce?
I find my Collaborative practice extremely rewarding. I’m able to help clients divorce in a private and efficient manner. Collaborative practice allows us to focus as needed on details that are often overlooked in court. It’s designed to find creative solutions to unusual issues. It’s perfect for any out of the box financial or parenting issues.

What should clients know about you as a Collaborative Divorce professional?
As a Collaborative professional, I’m committed to working with the other professionals to resolve the case in an efficient, private, and creative way. Often clients feel that their emotions may prevent them from entering into a collaborative process, but I assure them that it’s my job to advocate for their interests while collaborating with the other professionals to create a structured process. My role is to empower my clients to identify their goals, prioritize, and create solutions.

What are the benefits to using Collaborative Divorce vs. litigation or mediation?
Collaborative Divorce creates the best outcomes in the best way possible. With Collaborative Divorce, your attorney is your advocate, but also a trained mediator committed to resolving your case without the expense or stress of litigation. It’s a system that is built on a mediation model but gives more structure to the process than typical mediation. It also allows for conversations that are creative and problem solving in nature rather than just negotiations. Best of all, clients are in control of the process and there is complete transparency at all times.

Rachel Moore Law, LLC



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