Member Spotlight: Helena Trachtenberg

We periodically feature our members (known as Fellows) so that you can learn more about them, Collaborative divorce, and our organization.

Name: Helena L. Trachtenberg
Profession: Litigator, Mediator, Collaborative Law Professional
Title: Partner, Law Office of Miriam Cooper & Associates, LLC

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a divorce model that serves as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Collaborative Divorce focuses on conflict resolution for people going through a divorce that is private, avoids public courtrooms, and allows the parties to voice their concerns or goals, gather information, and reach on an agreement that is most beneficial for both parties. A Collaborative Divorce is a progression of private meetings between the client, their spouse, and the chosen Collaborative Team to achieve a resolution that allows the family to move forward through the divorce process and after the divorce process.

What drew you to become a Collaborative Divorce Professional?

After many years of divorce litigation experience, I wanted to become a Collaborative Divorce Professional to offer my clients an alternative model to resolve their divorces that is private, tailored to their family’s unique goals and interests, and avoids the hurdles and inefficiencies that can exist in the court system with conventional litigation.

What makes Collaborative Divorce better than litigation?

Collaborative Divorce gives both parties control of the pace of their divorce and both parties retain the decision-making authority with how their case progresses and settles. The involvement of neutral divorce coaches and financial advisors provides the parties with the support and resources to navigate perceived emotional and financial obstacles that can arise during a divorce. The use of neutral child specialists helps resolve complex matters involving minor children without causing the same stress on the children and financial burden on the family as often occurs in

litigation. The Collaborative Divorce allows the parties to craft a plan that will enable the family to have a successful path forward after the divorce.

What tips do you have for couples considering divorce?

The divorce process does not happen overnight, and everyone’s divorce experience is different. Clients often come in with preconceived anxieties or expectations based on what happened in a friend’s divorce or co-worker’s divorce. A divorce attorney should work with a client to focus on their interests to craft a strategy that will help them achieve their goals within the unique circumstances and parameters that exist in their case. An important piece of this process is selecting the divorce model that is best suited for each individual client. While many relationships may be suited for Collaborative Divorce, there are others that may benefit from a different approach, and it is important to discuss all options when consulting a divorce attorney.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I was born in Minsk, Belarus. When I was three-years old, my family and I, immigrated to the United States of America. My family and I moved to Chicago, Illinois and have remained in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs for over 30 years. I speak both English and Russian and have been able to utilize my Russian background to help many families navigate the family law system throughout my legal career.

Helena L. Trachtenberg

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