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Member Spotlight: Beth McCormack

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Name: Beth McCormack

Profession: Attorney

Title: Shareholder, Beermann LLP

Where do you practice Collaborative Divorce (i.e. in what geographical area)?

Chicago and Metropolitan area
What drew you to become a Collaborative Divorce Professional?
I have always wanted to help people in family law utilizing a problem solving mindset rather than a win/lose. When I learned about a needs/goals driven negotiation, I was all in.  
What do you find rewarding about practicing Collaborative Divorce?
I have enjoyed staying in touch with clients as seeing them work together to solve post divorce issues. Everything from planning their children’s wedding to being grandparents together. It is remarkable to watch them build on the foundation we built as a collaborative team.
What are the benefits to using Collaborative Divorce vs. litigation or mediation?
I truly believe a good lawyer knows when an issue is better resolved with specially trained professionals.  A team-based approach always benefits a client in that they are working the best professional for the job. While an attorney might know enough to get by on financials and child psychology, they are not only more expensive, but are not trained to deal with those issues. People spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily by utilizing their lawyers for psychological issues. A well-formed team can ensure the foundation won’t crack as the final agreements dot every I and cross every T.  The best person for each job works together to help the couple accomplish as many of their goals as possible efficiently and effectively. While mediation is often appropriate, the lack of “team based” work can increase conflict, and fees, as a result.
Tell us something interesting about you. 
I have a wicked sense of humor and a ton of empathy.  Both are able to shine through on my Instagram @BethFMcCormack

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