Member Spotlight: Anique Drouin

We periodically feature our members (known as Fellows) so that you can learn more about them, Collaborative divorce, and our organization.

Name: Anique K Drouin

Profession: Attorney and Mediator

Title: Partner at STG Divorce Law

Where do you practice Collaborative Divorce?

I practice Collaborative Divorce in Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane, Kendall and DeKalb counties. In certain situations, I will also do Lake and McHenry Collaborative cases as well.

What drew you to become a Collaborative Divorce Professional?

I was drawn to Collaborative Law immediately after law school graduation, and over my nearly 15 years of practice (split between litigation and alternative dispute resolution) I have only become more convinced that the transition a family goes through during a divorce is truly best handled out of court with the assistance of a team of skilled professionals. Collaborative Process puts power back in the clients’ hands. They make decisions for themselves about what their goals are with a focus on interest-based negotiations.

What tips do you have for couples considering divorce?

Take heart that the divorce process does not have to be traumatic and a win/lose proposition. There is such thing as a “good” divorce that centers your family, especially your children, throughout the process to meet everyone’s needs.

What kind of training did you receive as a Collaborative professional?

I received my basic Collaborative Skills training in 2007 and followed that with my Mediation training in 2009. Since then, I’ve taken continuing and advanced skills trainings focused on the Collaborative Process, even attending the 2019 and 2020 International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Forum for further training. As professionals we all have a duty to continue to educate ourselves on best practices in the process as well as keeping up to date on relevant statutory and case laws.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I love to travel and traveled to 5 of the 7 continents before I turned 30. My travel has been more domestic for the past several years, but I hope to someday make a trip to the two remaining continents.

Anique Drouin

STG Divorce Law