Collaborative Divorce Goals and Benefits

You’re a good candidate for the collaborative divorce process if you’d like to:

  • Reduce stress and animosity rather than nurture bad feelings;
  • Promote effective communication between partners rather than play the “blame game”;
  • Retain decision-making control rather than having strangers decide your fate;
  • Achieve results reflective of everyone’s needs rather than winning at all costs;
  • Provide a healthy co-parenting relationship that meets the children’s needs rather than having children caught in the middle;
  • Invest in the future rather than waste money in litigation arguing about the past;
  • Protect privacy rather than revealing intimate matters in the public record;
  • Improve the odds for long-term cooperation—making agreements that will be kept rather than broken;
  • Preserve the positive aspects of relationships rather than denying or destroying them;
  • Accomplish this life transition in a civil and respectful manner.

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