Client Stories in Illinois Collaborative Divorce Cases

“We chose the collaborative approach because we wanted a respectful process. We were active participants in the final settlement as opposed to having a judge decide the outcome.”
—Collaborative Law Client

Sometimes just hearing how others have successfully used the Collaborative Divorce Process can be really helpful. We encourage you to take a look. Please keep in mind that the names have been changed for client privacy.

Client Stories: Story 1 – Resolving Child Custody Issues (Supportive)

Kathy and Tim had been married for nine years. Kathy worked part-time as a teacher’s aide earning about $20,000 per year. Tim worked in the computer industry earning about $120,000 per year. They had twin boys: aged 6. Tim worked long hours in the past and left most of the parenting to Kathy. But as the children grew older, Tim showed more interest in spending time with them…

Client Stories: Story 2 – Determining Spousal Financial Support (Considerate)

Kim, 62, and Paul, 61, were married for 40 years. They had three children – all grown and independent. After being married at 22 and 21 respectively, Paul maintained the primary income. Kim stopped working full-time and instead worked at various part-time office jobs while also being the primary caregiver of the children…

Client Stories: Story 3 – Dividing Marital Assets (Sensible)

Kevin and Jackie were married for 18 years, both in well-paying jobs, with two teen-aged children. Deciding on divorce, they had agreed to work out a resolution through Collaborative Process instead of going to Court. Custody of the teenagers was not an issue…

Client Stories: Story 4 – Collaborating in an Amicable Divorce (Constructive)

When a collaborative divorce has everything working in its favor, it can be an amazingly smooth process. This story truly demonstrates that…

Client Stories: Stories 5 – Negotiating a Quick Divorce Agreement (Mutual)

Collaborative or not, divorce negotiation ordinarily takes at least several months – more typically the better part of a year, and not infrequently, more than a year. In this particular scenario, our client asked us, “Is it possible to do this in 10 days?”

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