Sara Schwarzbaum

Divorce Coach
Couples Counseling Associates
Phone: 312-416-6191
737 N Michigan Ave Ste 2130
Chicago  60611
Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum, Ed.D., LMFT, LCPC is the founder of Couples Counseling Associates in Chicago where she specializes in working with couples who want to improve the way they communicate, fight, or negotiate disagreements . Sara became a divorce coach on the belief that couples distress is a public health issue and that, given her background and experience, she can make a contribution to decreasing the damage of destructive divorces. She is the author several articles about the reasons for the high levels of relationships distress in the US. She offers consultations for counselors and therapists who want to improve their work with couples. Sara has recently retired from the Department of Counselor Education at NEIU, where was a professor in the master's program of marriage and family counseling for 18 years.